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Chamo-Flage - Unique Methods for Chamomile Tea


Stomach pain is nothing new in my home and my wife, once again, spent hours tossing and turning throughout the night in discomfort. I knew come morning I would be running to the store for Chamomile tea.

Although my wife was pleased to see me triumphantly return from the Medicine Man with the appropriate nectar, I knew the pain would remain bothersome for some time. I watched her tear into the tea package and dip the bag as if it had done her wrong, and so I thought, "If Chamomile could unwind a twisted stomach, then maybe it could prevent a flare altogether."

I know from experience that drinking liquids late in the evening increases restroom visits throughout the night. I do not expect anyone with Interstitial Cystitis to slurp down a cup of warm tea every time pain arrives, but incorporating Chamomile into your dinner has proven successful in my home. I am not a doctor, however, our lives are much like your own, and we search for remedies within the diet - provided by the Interstitial Cystitis Association and Interstitial Cystitis Network - to alleviate flares. I developed a wonderful Chamomile Poached Salmon recipe that can be found in our recipe database.

Interstitial Cystitis has kept my wife and me up many nights, and I know the story is the same for you. I try to find new ways to incorporate the same ingredients, and making poaching liquid from tea seems inventive; however, it has been done for centuries. Try the recipe. You may be surprised.