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The Thick of It: The Many Ways to Thicken Sauces


The chef instructor screamed, “Lie. Lie.” (Pronounced lee-ay), from across the kitchen. My cooking partner and I flinched with terror as the chef ran across the floor raising a piece of paper, “Lie! Lie!” As he approached our cooking station, he threw down the piece of paper, and with frustration pointed at the recipe printed there. I read the word Lie and its definition under his manicured fingernail, "Consistency of a liquid to coat back of metal spoon."  He was trying to explain to me how to check the thickness of my sauce by dipping a spoon into it and running my finger through it. If the line drawn by my finger holds, then the sauce is thick enough.

I still do not understand all the excitement, but it was obvious that he was trying to teach me something. Nonetheless, there may be only one way to check the consistency of a thick sauce or soup, but there are many ways to actually thicken.

It is well known that Interstitial Cystitis affects each food style differently. For that reason, I have listed in the recipe titled "Thickeners" different techniques and ingredients to accomplishing Lie!


What is Interstitial Cystitis?

Interstitial cystitis (IC) is a condition that results in recurring discomfort or pain in the bladder and the surrounding pelvic region. The symptoms vary from case to case....

What causes IC?

Some of the symptoms of IC/PBS resemble those of bacterial infection, but medical tests reveal no organisms in the urine of people with IC/PBS...

How is IC diagnosed?

Because symptoms are similar to those of other disorders of the bladder and there is no definitive test to identify IC/PBS, doctors must rule out other treatable conditions before considering a diagnosis of IC/PBS...

What are treatments for IC?

Scientists have not yet found a cure for IC/PBS, nor can they predict who will respond best to which treatment. Symptoms may disappear with a change in diet or treatments or without explanation...

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